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K1000 Wired Keypad (2 channels)
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The Sewosy K1000 code keyboard is a 2-channel vandal-resistant wired code panel with blue key illumination, 12 buttons and IP65 protection rating.

The code keyboard has 2 channels with space for 1010 users/codes, 1000 on channel 1 and 10 on channel 2. Thanks to the theft protection, no one can just remove the keyboard from the wall.

Thanks to the high degree of protection, the keyboard is weather and dust resistant.

Comes with 2 meters of cable and simplified installation instructions.

This code keyboard is ideal for apartment buildings, parking lots or industry etc..

Brand Sewosy
Type K1000
Nutrition  12-24 VAC/DC
Consumption 110 mA (during operation)
Effective temperature
From -20 °C to +55 °C 
Degree of protection IP65
Dimensions 120 x 76 x 28 mm
Number of channels 2 (both NO/NC)
Number of users 1010 (1000 on channel 1, 10 on channel 2)
Weight 500 grams